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InnoDI – stands for Innovative De-ionization. We are a private limited company established in 2016 as a joint venture between Idropan Dell’Orto Depuratori based in Milano, Italy, AquaSphere Greentech Solutions based out of Bangalore, India and led by IIT Madras through Prof. Pradeep lab.

The three companies have brought in years of experience in water treatment and deep understanding of CDI into InnoDI for large scale commercial production and deployment of this technology in the global markets.

We believe that the power of innovation is felt only when it is delivered to the needy.

We also believe that this power of innovation can sustain only if it can bring a big social, environmental and nutritional impact to the society.

We established InnoDI for this purpose – to continuously research, develop and adapt break-through methods in water treatment using Electro De-ionization technology that supports this belief in delivery and sustenance objectives.

We intend to achieve this goal by developing solutions that are:

  • Decentralized in its deployment, which will ensure we deliver our innovation to the needy – anywhere in the world.
  • Economic in its process and use, which enables us to build a business model that is sustainable and inclusive in nature.
  • Environmentally sustaining in terms of reducing water wastage and energy which otherwise is required – to deliver the healthiest water required for the community.

Founding Team


Tullio Servida

Founding Director and Chief Technology Officer

Tullio is responsible for the technology and solutions at InnoDI. He has been involved with CDI technology since 2004 and has pioneered its development over several years. He has several patents to his credit in the area of water treatment. He is also CTO and CEO at Idropan Dell’Ortho Depuratori, Milano, Italy. An organization with over 40 years of experience in water treatment.


Vijay Sampath

Founding Director & CEO

Vijay is responsible for business and strategic partnership at InnoDI. He is also a founding director in AquaSphere, an organisation set up to commercialise and develop innovative water treatment solutions. Previous to founding AquaSphere, Vijay worked with many Information Technology companies in India and internationally managing their businesses and operations for over 25 years.


Prof. Pradeep

Founding Director and Advisor

Prof Pradeep is an institute professor and Deepak Parekh institute chair professor at IIT Madras. As a Director in InnoDI, Prof advises the company in strategy and technical directions. Prof Pradeep's work is in the area of molecular materials and surfaces, where he has several patents to his credit. The materials and phenomena he discovered have implications to clean environment, affordable clean water and ultra-sensitive devices. Some of his discoveries have been translated to viable products and several of his recent findings have immense scope for the benefit of the world at large and developing world in particular.


Sunil Ballal

Founding Director

Sunil manages the operations and HR at InnoDI. He is also a co-founder and director in AquaSphere Greentech solutions and manages the waste water business for the company. An engineer by profession, He has been associated with InnodI since inception, establishing the company to where it is today. Previous to this, Sunil worked in many organisation like Castrol, Ingersoll Rand in several management positions managing sales, partnerships and channel management businesses of these companies.

Organizations behind InnoDI


Prof. Pradeep’s Thematic Centre on Water

Indian Institute of Technology Madras - Chennai

Our group is involved with the discovery and applications of novel materials. Most often the constituents of these materials are 'nano' objects. We explore the possibility of discovering novel physical and chemical properties of these objects. Some of these investigations....


Idropan Dell’ Orto Depuratori

Milano - Italy

Idropan has been in the water business since last 40 years and has been involved in Research and Development of CDI technology since 2007. The company has several patents in water. They bring deep understanding of CDI technology and its application to InnoDI


AquaSphere Greentech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru - India

AquaSphere has been pioneering adoption of CDI in the Indian markets since 2012. The company started by engineers with over 30 years of experience in management, engineering and operations has developed innovative solutions around CDI to make it market ready for Indian conditions.

Our Infrastructure

Innodi is a market leader in CDI technology. Having pioneered the technology for over a decade the company has set up a state-of-art manufacturing plant near Bengaluru, India.

The plant is equipped with automated machines and processes that allows us to deliver CDI cells at large volumes. With a plant capacity to produce over a million CDI cells a year, we are the only company in the world to develop CDI at these scales.

Our equipment and processes allows us to manufacture CDI cells of varying capacities based on customer’s need.

We encourage you look at our solutions page to get an idea of wide spectrum of solutions we have developed using CDI.


InnoDI is backed with 8 patents licensed exclusively from its founding organizations in the CDI space. This has enabled us to get the following recognitions:

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