CDI Based


Water Treatment

Key Benefits of using

Point-of-Entry system based on CDI Technology

Low Water Wastage

The Maximum water wastage in lnnoDl's CDI based system is in the range from 5% to 25%. Low the feed water TDS higher is the recovery.

Innovative Treatment Stage

lnnoDl's lnnoDl's unique Dealkalizer system eliminates scaling completely hence produce good soft water. It can be used for bathing,Washing Machine, Geyser, Dish Washer & Drinking as well.

Scalable Systems

InnoDI’s CDI units can be scaled to support requirements like 500 LPD to 25000 LPD, using modular concept of building.

Retention Of Essential Minerals

As per WHO, drinking watershould have essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium etc. Our CDI systems ensure minerals/salts remain in water after the treatment as well.

Low Operating Cost

CDI cells life is 5-8 years.Because of low power usage and infrequent change of consumables make our systems highly economical.

Smart System

InnoDI’ systems are loT enabled. It can also be integrated with Building Management system. Using this, one can monitor water usage and also service remotely.

Compact and Space Savings

A 4000 LPD system occupies less than 9 SFT, making it the most compact treatment devices at Point of Entry segment.

Energy Saving

lnnoDl's CDI system uses DC power for the process. The total energy consumed to treat water is very low as compared to other technologies. This also ensures low carbon footprints.

Power Requirement

230V / 5 Amps single phase power supply.

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