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What is Capacitive Deionization (CDI)?

CDI is Decentralized Desalination system that is used to treat ground or surface water containing high dissolved salts to deliver healthy drinking water as per WHO standards. This is a high recovery technology that wastes less water during treatment (<20%), uses less energy and delivers drinking water at a low operating cost per liter.

InnoDI has industrialized this technology to produce water treatment plants of multiple capacities to delivery healthy drinking water in villages, semi urban and urban areas.


About us

InnoDI stands for “Innovative Deionization”. We are a private limited company established in 2016 as a joint venture between AquaSphere Greentech Solutions India, Idropan Dell’Orto Depuratori Italy and IIT Madras.


Our Solutions

Digital Water Kiosk

for Urban and Rural communities

Smart Dispensers

for Schools, Offices and restaurants

Point of Entry (PoE)

for homes and apartments

Point of Use (PoU)

for homes and apartments

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